Make with MAAM

Cut & Collage

Collage your own architectural village with this activity inspired by Ghost of a Dream's site-specific installation Yesterday is Here.

Architecture Collage headline image



A piece of paper or card stock, collage materials, scissors, and adhesive.


Ghost of a Dream at MassArt Art Museum Daniel Benrube

Inside MAAM is a site-specific artwork by Ghost of A Dream artists Lauren Was and Adam Eckstrom. Notice how the shapes fit within the design, and within this architectural space.

Architecture Collage Ghost Inspiration

The artists used past exhibition catalogs, posters, postcards, and more. After selecting and cutting up thousands of pieces of paper, the artists designed patterns within patterns to create a collage that fits the walls and corners of MAAM’s lobby. Collage is French for “to stick together.” It’s a way to create art from many parts.

Step One

Gather collage materials. Look around for paper items – chopstick wrappers, gift wrap, or magazine pages.

Architecture Collage Step One

Step Two

Cut the papers into strips and get ready to assemble your design.

Architecture Collage Step Two

Step Three

Cut out an architectural form.

Architecture Collage Step Three

Step Four

Draw patterns and designs in your form.

Architecture Collage Step Four

Step Five

Apply glue to your design and arrange the paper strips.

Architecture Collage Step Five

Step Six

Fold your collages so they can stand on their own. Now you can construct an entire village of different architecture! What will you make?

Architecture Collage Final

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The MAAM site is set in MAAM Sans drawn by Nick Sherman (MassArt ’06), Beatrice by Sharp Type, and Stellar by Pangram Pangram.

The site was designed by MassArt alumnæ at Moth Design, written by 43,000 Feet, and developed by pod consulting.

“Our People” shot by Dolphin Photography.