Elizabeth Freeman Day

In August 1781, Elizabeth “Mumbet” Freeman successfully sued and won her freedom in Massachusetts.

MAAM's inaugural exhibition, Valkyrie Mumbet, and the following activities honor the life of this courageous woman. 

Freedom Bluebirds

Follow in Elizabeth “Mumbet” Freeman’s footsteps by honoring Suffragettes, learning about their activism, and creating your own freedom bluebird.

This project was developed as part of MassArt's Seminar I: Contemporary Teaching Practices course by Student Educators Emily Williams '25 (Editor), Jessie Jenkinson '23, Mekhi Mendoza '24, and Sahana Ananda '24 taught by Beth Balliro, Art Education Chair and Professor, in collaboration with MAAM.

Freedom bluebirds Instructions



Tammy Denease and Michaela Blanc

Tammy Denease – performing artist, storyteller, actor, and playwright – and Curatorial Fellow Michaela Blanc examine the heroic life of Elizabeth "Mumbet" Freeman.

In this conversation, Denease and Blanc discuss the importance of knowing our history, understanding systems of oppression, and recognizing the power of storytelling to give a voice to those who have been excluded from the historical record.

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Trustees Tour

Ashley House - The Trustees Small

Trustees Curator Mark Wilson takes us on a virtual tour and discusses Freeman’s story of freedom and justice.

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