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Memory Box

Collage your own memory box! Looking to Learn educator Julia Einstein looks to Ghost of a Dream's Yesterday is Here for this sculptural project.

Memory Box Activity Header



A box, ephemera, scissors, adhesive.


Ghost of a Dream Yesterday is Here Lobby Installation at MAAM

MAAM’s lobby is filled with a site-specific artwork titled Yesterday is Here by artist duo Ghost of a Dream. When you look closely, you see the entire room is a collage made of many small pieces from over 30 years' worth of catalogues, brochures, and postcards from the museum’s archives.

Memory Box Activity 1.1

Ghost of A Dream is made up of artists Lauren Was and Adam Eckstrom. They are inspired by the ephemera which holds special meaning to people.

What is ephemera? It’s usually paper items such as ticket stubs, sketches, postcards, photos, or notes that are linked to experiences and memories.

Step One

Collect ephemera from around your house. I found some sketches, kids’ drawings, fortunes, and birthday cards.

Memory Box Collect

Step Two

Measure the bottom and four sides of your box to create 5 panels.

Memory Box Activity Measure

Step Three

Cut the ephemera into shapes or thin strips and glue them onto each panel.

Memory Box Activity Shapes

Step Four

Fit and glue the panels into your box.

Memory Box Fitting

Step Five

Look into your box! Imagine if you could walk inside. What memories would surround you?

Memory Box Activity Final

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