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Pattern Play

Play with patterns in this Valkyrie Mumbet inspired activity by our Looking to Learn educator Julia Einstein.

Pattern Play Activity Intro



Colored papers, scissors, yarn, glue, markers, and colored pencils.


Joana Vasconcelos Valkyrie Mumbet Patterns

There are hundreds of patterns in the design of Valkyrie Mumbet by Joana Vasconcelos.

Joana Vasconcelos Activity Examples

Vasconcelos is inspired by patterns from all over the world. She and her team gathered yards of textiles and fabrics, and crocheted and knit decorative trim to create this sculpture.

Step One

Draw a pattern. A pattern is any repeated shape (eg dots, flowers, checks, or lines).

Pattern Play Activity Step 1
Pattern Play Activity Step 1.2

Step Two

Craft circles by applying glue onto paper and create shapes outlined by yarn.

Pattern Play Activity Step 2

Step Three

Cut colorful forms!

Pattern Play Activity Step 3

Step Four

Make a composition by assembling different patterns using your various elements.

Pattern Play Activity Step 4.1

Are you having fun playing with the patterns and shapes? Glue down the design you like best!

Pattern Play Activity Step 4.2

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