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Create Your Player

Inspired by the exhibition Game Changers, MassArt CACP's sparc! the ArtMobile created an activity that invites participants to customize their very own game character.

Artmaking Create your Player Activity 1


Step One

Brainstorm your character! Use our writing prompts below to get started with some ideas.

  • What is your character's origin story?
  • Does your character have super powers?
  • What matters most to your character?
  • What is your character’s most positive trait?
  • What is your character’s biggest fear?
  • Where does your character live?
  • What era does your character live in?

Step Two

Print out or draw your character’s body.

Download a character template

Artmaking Create your Player Activity

Step Three

Give your character life by coloring in and adding clothes and accessories that help tell their back-story and mission.

Artmaking Create your Player Activity

Step Four

Create a background or virtual fantasy world and take a fun photo of your character!

Artmaking Create your Player Activity 4

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