Postponed Past

Virtually Yours: Storytelling & Identity in the Digital World

Artist Talk
April 13, 2020
MassArt, Tower Auditorium

Dr. Kishonna Gray, whose work examines identity and digital media, video games, and gaming culture, will lead a discussion with three Game Changers artists. Momo Pixel’s multidisciplinary work, ranging from 2D pixel art to VR games, combines pop art aesthetics, social commentary, and black identity. Skawennati creates pioneering new media and mixed-reality projects that use aboriginal storytelling to explore history, change, and indigenous futures. Brent Watanabe’s in-game cinematic productions, known as machinima, employ Grand Theft Auto V’s graphics engine to create films that explore human and environmental relationships. Together, the panelists will explore the roles of contemporary narratives and perspectives in video games and virtual environments, as well as what the future may hold for digital spaces. 


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