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Weaving with Paper

Inspired by the vibrant patterns seen in Yesterday is Here and Valkryie Mumbet, MAAM's Education Graduate Assistant Tiffany Doggett ’21 created a weaving activity using paper and found materials.

Valkyrie Mumbet_WIP_AJV  04.JPG


Let's play with color, pattern, and order with this paper weaving activity. We are going to create a weaving from colorful, copy, or any scrap paper you have around the house.

Step One

Cut slits ½" apart in an 8.5 x 11 cardstock or copy paper; these constitute the warp (vertical) of your weave.

Paper Weaving Instruction 1.5

Then cut several  ½" paper strips; these will make the weft (horizontal) of your weave.

Paper Weaving Instruction 2.5

Step Two

Weave your paper strips (weft) into the cut strips (warp) "over" one and "under" one. The next paper strip will be "under" one then "over" one. Push the strips gently down all the way to the bottom. Continue until the paper slits are filled in with the strips.

Paper Weaving Instruction 3and4 of 5

Step Three

Explore with different weaving patterns. You can see in this example where the strips were woven "over" three and "under" three in the middle for a pattern change. You can play with different combinations of colored and/or textured paper!

Paper Weaving Instruction 5.5

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